Attract better candidates faster
Career Intelligence offers new solutions for your recruitment needs. We have focused on quality, ease of use, speed and cost.
Career Intelligence is DIFFERENT
Thanks to the advanced filtering, the only responses you will have in your inbox will be the right ones.
You can choose to preview the profiles of those candidates who appeal to you the most.
If you want to see more, and perhaps even wish to contact the seeker directly, only then will you have to pay for your job advertisement.
We attract our volume of talent through partnership with 7,500 sites globally. With careful selection, we develop our database of high end job seekers.
By setting filtering parameters and questionnaire queries, unsuitable candidates are blocked and then you only pay if you receive an application from a candidate whose profile you like.
Our technology ulilises advanced features designed to save YOU time. Use Career Intelligence like a regular program that has been installed in your PC.
Learn About Career Intelligence Recruitement aims to match experienced executive level job seekers with appropriate career opportunities within Dubai and the Gulf region and features jobs with salaries starting around the 100,000 US Dollar mark. offers the opportunity for the CVs of high calibre job seekers to be viewed by headhunters and recruiters without a compromise on their privacy. Potential candidates have the peace of mind that their profile is confidential and their personal information is protected.

Covering every industry within the region, serves as a meeting point for the ‘best of breed’ job seeker and the Middle East’s pick of executive recruiters and headhunters, thus providing employers across the region with a selection of senior personnel. Typical positions featured on the site are for financial officers, senior accountants, Chief Operating Officers and many others. has developed technology to meet the needs of recruiters within the area. We can provide high calibre candidates plus a fast and easy user interface, whilst keeping the clients’ costs to an absolute minimum. The whole focus of has been to develop this new technology as opposed to other similar sites that are geared more towards generating advertising revenues. This unique focus drives all our development and marketing endeavours. Complete control on privacy and spam are always at the forefront of every decision. Our users trust to control the access to their profile and to limit contact to their own personal preferences. attracts the calibre of candidates that would not usually post their CV online. This is achieved with our highly targeted marketing partnerships with over 7500 websites worldwide. Advanced filtering ensures that you are not wasting your time with unsuitable candidates clogging up the application process.

1. Click on 'Post Job' in the left hand panel

This will open up the registration page.

2. Fill in registration details

Fields marked with an asterix are mandatory.

3. Add in questionnaire

Save yourself even more time by adding a questionnaire to screen a jobseekers'
suitability even further.

4. Preview and Publish

Within 24 hours the job will be emailed to matching candidates.

1. Applications received

All applications received will automatically
appear in 'all applications' folder.

2. Performance Analysis

Get all your application stats here.

3. Shortlist / Reject / Interview

When viewing an application, you can then
click on the SHORTLIST, REJECT, or
INTERVIEW tabs. The CV automatically
moves to the respective folder.

4. Contact candidate?

You are then given the option of whether
you wish to inform the candidate of their application status.