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Search 100s of top $100k Job Opportunities. View our database of jobs across all industries and sectors in the Gulf which have been carefully sourced and filtered by our recruiters to ensure only the best jobs are available here. Get a good insight into the opportunities available and explore the locations offered. This is your opportunity to really define what kind of role you seek, by becoming familiar with the positions that are available and the skills that are required.

Also, gain exclusive access to the Career Intelligence Brief. Our fortnightly bulletin updates you on the latest status of the job market and provides up to the minute insight into what the top recruiters are looking for and how you can get to the top of their list.

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Gold Membership
$14.95 per month

Build on the tools that are available through Basic Membership, and start competing for the top jobs in the Gulf and other emerging markets. Apply for the top jobs that you have specially selected, and let our highly skilled and specialist staff review your resume and guide you seamlessly through the application process.

The key part of this membership connects you directly with the top headhunters in the area so you can access those jobs that are never advertised. You can create your own online bio that will enable recruiters and headhunters to identify you, based on your key skills and experience, and then contact you directly to discuss any potential opportunities.

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Platinum Membership
$58.95 per month
Take your job hunt to the top level by having a Personal Job Hunt Manager assigned to you.

Your highly skilled job hunt manager will spend hours every week dedicated to your job search, sourcing vacancies and presenting them for your review. Once approved, they will also remove the legwork from the application process, by completing your online application with your approved profile information.

Utilise our skills to locate hard-to-find opportunities and maximise your precious job-hunting time!
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